Terms & Conditions at january 2019


1. (a) Prices and settlement of the stay:
The prices listed on our website and our brochures are subject to change depending on economic conditions or regulatory requirements. They include all taxes. Only the price listed on your voucher or other confirmation email is authentic. Reservations only become effective after confirmation by our reservation services and payment by the tenant of a deposit of 30% reservation fee. The balance must be paid without reminder from us no later than 30 days before arrival for rentals or upon arrival for guests who have not booked.

(b) Payment of the balance:

In default of payment by the agreed date, the Domaine de la Grangée is entitled to consider that the client cancelled the reservation and will retain the amounts already paid.


2. Accepted Payments:
Credit Card, Cash.

3. Deposit:

For rented accommodation, a deposit of € 200 is required on arrival at the facility. Its payment is made by credit card or by cash. The latter will be returned in full within maximum 7 days after departure if the inventory is satisfactory. Otherwise, it will be deducted from the deposit: the value of missing items, cleaning a flat rate (50 €) for installations returned in a state of excessive soiling and, in case of non-compliance with the smoking ban anywhere on the premises or prohibition to introduce an animal in. The amount of compensation in case of deterioration is due to the occupant. The repairs higher than the amount will have to be paid by the customer on departure.


4. Children:
Children and young people under 18 are the sole responsibility of accompanying adults during the entire stay.


5. Capacity:

The number of people indicated by housing in our rates is the maximum occupancy permitted given the equipment available. It may not be exceeded for reasons of security and insurance.


6. Change room:
Any changes required in terms of dates, duration, number of people must be validated by the Domaine de la Grangée. It may be, as appropriate, subject to additional charges and under booking fees. In no event, the Domaine de la Grangée may be hold responsible for not being able to change your booking because the booking schedule is full or the accommodation of your new choice is already booked. In case of inability to modify the booking, the remaining of stay bill is still due. In case of external events independent of our will, we may need to change or cancel your booking. Then, we will offer an equivalent stay with different dates or accommodation subject to availability. If this offer is not satisfactory, all amounts paid will be refunded. Please note that no other compensation can be claimed.


7. Cancellation:
(a) Cancellation of the booking by yourself BEFORE your arrival:

In the event of serious illness or serious accident and, on presentation of a medical certificate, you or a relative may ask in writing to postpone your trip at a later date within the following 12 months and within the booking schedule availability or, request, your entire payment to be refunded. In the event of death, there are two cases.

(b) First case, the person who has booked the stay for him or her solely has passed away. Therefore, a member of the family or the solicitor may request in writing the refund of the amounts paid upon presentation of the due death certificate.

(c) Second case: one of the persons booked for a stay has passed away. Therefore, the other person or one of the others may request in writing and on presentation of a death certificate to postpone the stay under the conditions indicated for the first case.

(d) Other cases: For all bookings cancelled more than 30 days prior to arrival, and not within the terms of cancellations mentioned above, we will retain the equivalent of 30% of the booking's fee. Between 30 and 8 days before the stay will be retained 60% of the amount. The entire booking fees will be due and be owed to the Domaine de La Grangée for any cancellation within 7 days prior to arrival, for any interrupted stay and, for no presentation of the people who has booked and supposed to stay for any reason whatsoever. No refund shall be foreseen for any interrupted stay for any reason whatsoever.


8. Insurance / Liability:
The tenant attests be covered by liability insurance covering its liability.

The trampoline is available under certain conditions: we disclaim all liability in case of accident, the user is solely responsible. It is essential to follow the instructions given on site.


9. Alcohol and cigarettes:
It is strictly forbidden to smoke in all accommodations. No butt will be dropped in nature. In the case of non-compliance, the full deposit will be charged. For obvious safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to be in a state of intoxicated on the Domaine de la Grangée site.


10. Fire:

It is forbidden to make fire at Domaine de la Grangée, barbecues are not allowed.

11.  Animals:

Even though pets are friendly companions, they are not allowed on the premices.
Our animals on the field are some penned by an electrical enclosure, it is forbidden to enter. All our animals must be respected.


12. Valuables:
It is recommended not to leave valuables in the accommodation and in cars in the parking lot. The Domaine de la Grangée be responsible for any incident (even if it happens on its premises).


13. Liability of the Customer:
It is the customer's liability to verify that the information provided when booking, or at any other time, is correct and complete. It is his responsibility to ensure that the contact information provided during the booking are correct so he or she can receive the booking confirmation. In the event that the customer does not receive this confirmation, the customer is responsible to contact the Domaine de la Grangée. For proper monitoring, the customer must immediately inform the Domaine de la Grangée of any changes to information provided during the booking.


14. Practical information:
(a) Your arrival must be done from 4 to 7 pm. Please kindly let us know your arrival time at least 48 hours in advance. On arrival, we wait for you at the reception. In case of late arrival or last minute difficulty, it is imperative to warn us by calling the 00 33 (0) Calling fees can be charged depending on your provider's terms & conditions.
(b) The day of departure accommodation must be vacated by 10 am. A supplement will be charged in case of departures after 10 AM.
The "breakfast" basket is placed at the foot of your accommodation between 8 and 9:30 am.

(c) The "dinner" basket is placed at the foot of your accommodation around 7:30 pm. All booked accomodation or services are personal and can in no case be assigned or sublet.

(d) The accommodation have all the necessary accessories (kettle, furniture ...) that belong to the Domaine de la Grangée and any degradation or disappearance entails refunding. You are asked to return the place in order and in a proper state of cleanliness (dishes washed and put away). Accommodations are insulated and equipped with a heating system.
(e) The day of departure, you are prompted to verify that you have left no personal effects in accommodation. All personal items, excluding perishables, must be claimed within one month of departure. Found objects are shipped after receipt of the amount of postal charges for sending.

(f) Our accommodations are located in the middle of nature. Therefore, it is possible that insects (ants, spiders, etc.), rodents (squirrels, dormice, etc.), frogs, birds or other animals enter your accommodation or make noises or screams during the day or the night. The inconvenience caused by this fauna does not entitle you to any compensation of any nature.


15. Complaints:
Any claim relating to a stay must be sent by registered letter within 30 days at the following address: SARL LA Grangée - 1 RUE LES RACINAUX - 37240 LA CHAPELLE BLANCHE SAINT MARTIN - FRANCE.